Thursday, April 29, 2010

I forgot...

On today’s earlier post, I forgot to add:


  1. Students need to get their Word Whiz 6 test signed (and corrected if they wish)
  2. Extra credit optional essay on the THEME of their Asian novel is due by next Friday, and would give them a great head start on last marking period.



Upcoming Dates and Homework 4/29

Homework for tonight:  complete non-fiction reading exercise… If your paper has TWO constructed responses, choose ONE. 


Marking period ends this Friday – April 30, 2010! 


Next marking period is POETRY!  YAY!!! 


Out of class reading for next marking period is FREE CHOICE.  The project is detailed in the handout from the first day of school.  It is:  two separate emails of 400 words each.  The first should be done when half way through the book, or by May 13th at the latest.  The second letter should be done when the book is finished, or by June 3 at the latest.



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

homework 4/27

Tonight, please work on completing your first full draft of your Asian essay.  They willl be needed for writing workshop.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

homework and upcoming dates

Tonight's homework is to write the 2nd paragraph of a 5 paragraph report on the topics being researched in class.  We've already researched and created "fact sheets," and the next logical step is to write!  Yay!  We'll do a paragraph at a time, culminating in a full first draft being completed this week. 
Two long term assignments are coming due next week.  First, students are working in class on their Asian novel projects in groups, and getting ready to present next Tuesday.  Second, students should be finishing up their mystery novels and beginning their independent reading projects, also due next Tuesday.  The Asian novel work should be done in class, while the mystery work should be considered homework. 
Our unit on Asian novels will be wrapping up next week, and we'll be moving into my favorite unit of the year -- Poetry!  We'll read, perform, memorize, analyze, create, and ENJOY poetry together.  We'll also continue working on our research and formal writing skills by choosing an author to investigate and write about.