Monday, October 31, 2011


7th – Be ready to show your in-process notes on your independent reading book.  I want to see at least one main idea with supporting  details.  Also, have at least 5 vocabulary words identified, along with the sentences and definitions. 


8th -  Read and prepare your role for literacy circles. Boar group is to read the next chapter.  Maniac group is to read to page 40.



Monday, October 24, 2011


TEST on Word Whiz on Tuesday for 7th graders. 

BCP due on Tuesday for 8th graders.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

7th and 8th grade info

7th grade had a “catch up” day today, working on LOTS of review activities for Word Whiz 2 Test.  Any work not completed in class time should be done over the long weekend.  TEST will be Tuesday.


7th grade was given a new independent reading project handout describing the expectations and due dates for their out-of-class books.  I can provide electronic or paper copies at parent request.  Email me if you’d like a copy for home.


8th grade should have turned in their BCP vocabulary today (but many did not).  The remainder of the BCP is due next week.


Now that NECAPs are finished, I look forward to uninterrupted teaching! 




Tuesday, October 18, 2011

homework and parent conferences

Homework for grade 7 tonight:  Prepare a 1 – 2 minute book talk for Wednesday.  This is a short talk in which you share the title, author, setting, conflict, basic plot, characters, and theme of your outside reading book.  You also need to have a visual component;  ie:  you bring in something that relates to your book – an object the character had with him, a copy of the book, et cetera.  You are not expected to spend hours making a poster or anything like that.  Keep it simple.


Also, as an FYI – parent teacher conference handouts were sent home with your children on either Friday or Monday.  Call the office to set up a conference, if you are interested. 




Thursday, October 13, 2011

7th and 8th grade homework

7th:  Letter #3 due tomorrow.  Book talk due next Wednesday the 19thStudy for vocabulary test on Thursday the 20th.


8th:  Wrap up classic novel. Vocab section due 10/20; entire BCP due 10/25.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reading Projects

7th graders are reading “adventure novels”.  They have completed two-thirds of their reading and written their first two letters.  To know:  their novels should be finished in the next five or six days so they have enough time to do a good job on letter #3.  Letter # 3 is due on October 14, 2011.


8th graders are reading “classic novels”.  I’ve extended the deadline for finishing the novel until the last Friday of NECAPS – October 14.  They will need to do a BCP (Book Club Project) after they finish the novel.  There will be some time spent in class modeling how to do this, using the book we are reading together.  I have not finalized a due date for their classic novel BCP, but I am leaning towards the 25th of October. 



Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Students in 7th grade are asked to have their parents review and sign their recent vocabulary test.  If the student chooses, corrections can be made to increase the score on the test.  One class had the tests returned today, but the other will have the tests returned tomorrow.