Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend and Persuasive Essay Info

Homework due Monday is, as usual, the green sheet.

I have also told students that they need to have their completed first draft by Wednesday, and might want to work on it over the weekend if they know the week ahead is going to be busy (or vice versa). Since they have already had to produce the introduction and first two proofs, they are in good shape.

The first draft needs to be a 5 paragraph essay for blocks 2 and 4, and a 6 paragraph essay for block 3. It has to be readable, but neatness and spelling are not going to affect the grade to any major extent. I am looking for lots of details and evidence to support their ideas, not skimpy paragraphs. Somewhere in the body paragraphs, students need to use the following persuasive techniques:

One Testimonial (a quote from someone recognized as an expert, but possibly in this case someone they know, like a teacher)
One Research-based quotation (from the web or other source)
One piece of data (a statistic from their research, results of a poll they conduct themselves, et cetera)

As they write, they should remember that their audience is the School Board.