Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tonight, students should complete a two-sided review sheet entitled, "Review #1" in preparation for the Word Whiz test on Thursday.
Some groups, unfortunately, still have not yet finished their books, especially in Block Two.  Parents of students in block 2, please encourage your son or daughter to FINISH the book tonight, unless it would really be a hardship to do so.  I know that the Chinese Cinderella group has about 100 pages left, so finishing it all tonight might be impossible, but maybe half then the last half tomorrow?  A few students in the Bound group are about 40 pages to the end, so they can certainly handle finishing it.  In glancing around the room, I think the other two groups are either done or very nearly done.
Clearly, the projects will be done much more thoroughly and the (surprise) in-class essay (surprise) will earn a better grade if the students have finished reading their books.