Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day News and Homework for the week

Hi!  We’re off to a great start in 7th grade!  Parents, there are going to be close to 25 forms coming to you tonight from the school, and many of them need to be signed.  I DID give your child a homework assignment to read the class information sheets I sent home with him or her tonight.  I would ask that you read the info tomorrow night and fill out the part that asks for some information and feedback from you.  If you want to do it tonight, that is fine, too, but I didn’t want to add anything else to your plates.  Each student in my class will need an “adventure fiction” book to read independently during silent reading time.  If these books could be selected and in hand by Monday, that would be great.  There will be quite a few assignments related to the book this marking period, so the sooner we can start reading, the better. 


In summary, the assignments for this week are as follows:


Wednesday evening:  STUDENT reads class information handout

Thursday evening:  PARENT / GUARDIAN reads handout and fills out form attached

Friday evening:  STUDENT and PARENT find an adventure fiction book at student’s reading level that can be realistically read in 5 weeks with only 10 minutes a day in class, and an hour a week outside of class. 


I’m looking forward to a great year!