Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun-filled Friday

In class today, we used our mobile lab of netbook style computers to collaborate on a slide show of the books nominated for the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award.  It can be seen as a work in progress by students by going to their GoogleDocs folder.  Once it is completed, we will upload it to this blog for parents to see as well.  The students were very excited about the books, and wanted to check them out right away!  It was a great lesson. 


We also began a funny short story called “Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry. 


Our homework tonight is much more mundane: 

1.  Green sheets are due for Monday, and students should be ready for a quick, on-the-spot book talk about their outside reading. 

2.  Young Writers Project forms need to be signed and returned.

3.  About 50% of the students have follow-up work to do on the “no excuses” word list we’ve been working on in class.  They have to copy the sentences they got wrong 5 times each.  Correctly, of course.  “Practice makes permanent,” Mr. Etzler always says, so we don’t want to practice something incorrectly. 


Parents: Since your child has a high probability of being a typical middle schooler, you may not have gotten the forms and announcements that have been sent home recently.  Some important ones:

We’re doing a coat/mitten/glove/hat drive for needy children in our community and would appreciate donations being placed outside the nurses’ office.

Parent Teacher Conference sign ups are underway.  Call Mrs. Demasi to make an appointment for next week!

Students are asked to bring in items for Supermarket Bingo (will be Nov 20).  Items for raffle table would be great, along with 7th grade’s suggested donations of canned soup and veggies, gravy packets, and cranberry sauce.


Have a great weekend!!!