Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time Management Help

Today in class, Mr. Berryhill explained a large, colorful timeline that is now posted on the wall in the classroom. This timeline shows what day we are on, using a large yellow star, and what days things are due for our two long term projects. The students DO have TWO long term projects that they are working on this marking period, so we have taken the following steps to help ensure their success:

  1. A large visual in class that makes it evident how much time remains and when due dates are
  2. A handout with due dates and details for every student
  3. Reminders of upcoming dates, both verbal and written on the board in the homework space
  4. Checking in with study hall teachers to make sure they are aware of due dates so they can support students
  5. Support time allotted in class (though MUCH of the work will need to be done at home)
  6. Generally, a lack of other homework, so that homework time can be focused on project work
  7. Posting of due dates on this blog for parent communication (see below)
  8. Posting of due dates on the team homework board in the hallway

We are confident that with the above steps, all students can be successful on these projects. Please call with any concerns and questions you may have.

Feb 10: BOTH 1st draft of folklore AND 1st letter for fantasy project due (should be half way through book by this point)


Feb 22: 2nd draft folklore due. Time will be given in class to work towards final.

Feb 24: Final draft folklore due

March 3: 2nd letter due for fantasy project (should be finished with book by now)

March 9: 3 Dimensional object due for fantasy project