Thursday, September 16, 2010

test coming up and homework

Two things to mention today.


1.  Next week, probably on Tuesday, we will have our first BIG test on our Word Whiz.  Word Whiz involves the learning of “fun and useful words,” word parts (prefix, suffix, root), and language arts words (like setting, characterization, et cetera).  Students will be reviewing in class, but are also encouraged to STUDY at home.  To get this started, I gave students a review sheet today that they can use to prepare themselves for the test.  I’m not requiring this be done, but strongly suggesting it.  The review sheet would be a one pager that they could carry with them and grab a quick study minute in various parts of their day, if they chose to. 


2.  Homework tonight is to complete the constructed response on The Velveteen Rabbit that we began in class.