Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Additional Tuesday Homework -- Communication!

Hi, Folks!


In addition to the regularly scheduled Tuesday homework as posted on the blog yesterday (BIG Project due Wednesday, along with essay), I offer the following:


  • I gave each student a half sheet of paper today, printed from EdLine, with their current grade.  Please ask to see it.
  • Students are asked to have this paper signed by a parent and returned to me ASAP.  If the paper is NOT signed and returned to me, I will be making phone calls to any parent whose child currently has an average below 80%.
  • The marking period ends in one week, so there is ample time for work to be made up, so long as it is not incredibly overdue. Any assignment in the right hand column is eligible to be made up (or resubmitted with corrections for a higher grade) only if the signed report is turned in along with the make up work this week. Make up work will be assessed a small late penalty.
  • Please remember that there is still a week left of school, and grades can go up or down significantly depending on student performance on both small and large tasks, essays, projects, et cetera. 




Mrs. Wald