Monday, December 13, 2010

Tests signed

Homework tonight is to show parents the Verbs / Adverbs Post Test and the Word Whiz 3 Test.  Both will need to be signed and returned.  Those who did poorly on the V/A test can look forward to more independent work in that area (I can help out on Thursday PM at Afterschool Study).  Those who did poorly on the Word Whiz Test are encouraged to make corrections to aid their learning.


Green Sheet (reading record) is due tomorrow, and a reminder that books need to be completed by the day we come back from December Recess, as we will be writing essays on the books. 


EXTRA CREDIT option for marking period 3 is to memorize all 60 prepositions.  Sheets are available in my room and online (Google “60 prepositions”).


I will be out on Tuesday, doing Supervisory Union literacy work.  Students will have LOTS to do in class, and may bring home what they did not complete.  So, possible homework Tuesday is the completion of GUM work or questions on The Pearl, if not completed in class.