Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet Reads Summer Reading Challenge

Mrs. Wald's summer mission is to read the entire DCF nominee list.  The DCF books are chosen as exemplary books for middle grades students, and students in Vermont have the opportunity to engage in blog discussions with other readers as well as VOTE on their favorite book to receive the award.  The DCF contest and award honors Dorothy Canfield Fisher.  Lists of the DCF nominees can be found online or in any Vermont library.

Mrs. Wald's challenge to her incoming and outgoing students is the following:  READ MORE OF THE DCF BOOKS THAN SHE DOES, AND SHE WILL TREAT YOU TO AN ICE CREAM SUNDAE ONE DAY IN THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.  One eensie teensie requirement is that you must write a short (5 sentences or so) response/reaction to each book, including title and author, telling what you liked about it and why.  Please do not simply summarize the plot.  Your response is the key.  Keep all the responses in a small notebook, or staple separate pages together.  Hand in this reading journal on the first day of school, and Mrs. Wald will show you hers.  If you've read more than she has, you will be invited to the sundae celebration!

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