Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7 and 8 news and homework

7 – Write the other constructed response tonight.  Letter #2 is due on Friday.  I will not plan any additional homework for Thursday night.  Please utilize after school study and morning madness if you are feeling swamped.


8 – Time has been extended to finish reading your classic novel.  The novel and vocabulary portion of the BCP should be finished by Friday the 14th.  At that time, I will set a due date for the completed BCP.  It will probably be about two weeks later – the 28th, perhaps.  It is KEY that you pace yourself to complete this work.  It will be a GIANT part of your grade.  Some time will be given in class, so bring your book every day.


ALL – Open House at 6:30 on Thursday.


ALL --  NECAP testing begins next week.  Please come to school well rested and with breakfast under your belt.  These two simple factors make a huge difference in your ability to sustain focus on the test and access your knowledge to do well.  Be sure to bring in your novels so that you will have something productive to do if you finish a section early. 



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