Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This week for 7th grade, part one

In class today, we began persuasive letters to Mr. Cooke, taking a position on either homework or cell phones.  This will be due in FIRST DRAFT (Rough draft) form on Monday, December 12th. The notes from class are below for your/their reference:

Tips/Techniques for persuasion:

Trick / Manipulate / Plead / Nag
Make promises
Provide logical evidence:
    If, then
    Expert opinion / testimonial
    Precedent (who has done it before?)
Use authority
Build trust (who ARE you anyway?)
Butter them up (why would someone as kind/smart as him/her want to do this?)

Format for the letter:

Letter format -- date, addresses, salutation, sincerely

Para 1:  Introduction and thesis statement -- who you are, why you are writing (concern to share), acknowledge (admit) what is good in the school and what HE does well.  THEN share your request.  Then 3 part thesis statement.

Para 2: transition, why this is good/necessary/important/imperative/educational, statistics, articles, expert opinions, polls, promises, MANY persuasive techniques.

Para 3 and 4:  exactly as above

Para 5:  conclusion -- transition, remind Mr. Cooke of how wonderful he is (butter, butter, butter), acknowledge that not everyone agrees with you (there is controversy or other opinions but why you are right, final push/carrot/promise.  Repeat your thesis statement with request added. 

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