Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Independent Reading Project Information -- Grade 7

Independent Reading Project # 4 -- FANTASY or SCIENCE FICTION

Characteristics of Fantasy: 

·         Imaginary, highly detailed societies that are mostly outside of the realm of possibility

·         Visually descriptive writing

·         May include a struggle of Good versus Evil

·         Magical, mythological, unusual, or supernatural creatures and races of beings

·         Hero (often an underdog) goes on a Quest to save someone, something, or entire world

·         Magical, mythological, unusual, or supernatural objects / foods / transportation / tools / powers

·         Talking animals or talking objects

Characteristics of Science Fiction:

·         Futuristic society that is often idealistic (may comment on our current society’s ills)

·         Involves detailed descriptions of technology and scientific advances (cool gadgets!)

·         Daily tools of the society are above and beyond our current tools, but believable

·         Often involves a “good versus evil” plot line

·         Often involves people “playing God” or shows the results of “playing God”

·         Time travel or travel to other worlds

·         Themes may relate to manipulation, power, and control

·         Hero may go on a quest, mission, voyage, or journey to “save the world”

Your Quest (what you need to do to get a good grade):

1.            Pick a fantasy or sci-fi novel of your choice, at your reading level and of at least 150 pages on January 13th.

2.            When half through, or by February 8th at the latest, write a letter to Mrs. Wald about your book.  Your letter must be at least 350 words, and may be hand-written, typed, or emailed to awald@arsu.org.  Be sure to include:  SUMMARY (see class notes!) and EVALUATION of the novel.  About half of the letter should be summary, and the other half should be evaluation – your thoughts, opinions, predictions, and specific examples of the characteristics of the genre.

3.            When finished, or by February 29th at the latest, create a THREE DIMENSIONAL OBJECT REPRESENTING THE BOOK.  This is NOT a diorama of a scene from the book.  It is a symbolic representation of the book as a whole.  For example, you could make a cube and decorate all six sides.  Criteria:

§         It is 3-dimensional

§         It is colorful or at least done in ink – not pencil

§         It is neatly put together (words, illustrations, cutting, gluing)

§         It includes an original, written summary of the novel (see notes!)

§         It shows and describes main character(s)

§         It shows and describes the “world” of the book

§         It names the genre and gives at least three specific examples of the characteristics of the genre as found in the book (quotes and page numbers)

§         It makes sense on its own (ie:  people should “get it” if you aren’t there to explain it to them)




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