Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two (okay, four) items



7th graders were given a permission slip in English class for a trip on the 5th of April.  Please return slips to TA ASAP.


7th graders were assigned a copy of Ten Little Indians that they are responsible for caring for and bringing to class every day. They were asked to read chapter one tonight.  The vocabulary is quite challenging, so I asked students to read it, but not to worry too much if there were some things they didn’t understand.  We will be re-reading chapter one as a class, but it is nice for the kids to have some familiarity with it in advance.


7th graders were asked to have their last vocabulary test signed by a parent.  It should have gone home last week or yesterday at the latest.


7th graders who need to do the mystery project should be nearing the end of their mystery books and at least beginning to think about what they will do for a project (due April 18). Details were posted on my blog a few weeks ago, and handed to students on yellow copy paper at the same time.  Please email me with questions. 




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