Monday, September 10, 2012

7th Grade Homework 9/10

7th Grade homework for tonight is to rewrite their summer paragraph using the 11 elements of a paragraph reviewed in class today.  All are expected to bring in BOTH an improved paragraph AND the original paragraph for grading. 


For your information, the basic elements we discussed in class are:

1.  Responds to given prompt

2.  Includes topic and concluding sentence

3   Includes a minimum of three supporting details.

4.  Uses a variety of sentence structures

5.  Uses topic-specific vocabulary

6.  Elaboration on at least one detail

7.  Capital letters and punctuation for sentences

8.  No misspellings of "No Excuses" words

9.  No fragments or run-ons

10. All pronouns have a clear referent

11. Paragraph is a minimum of 8 sentences


A final requirement, because we are practicing for the NECAP, is that the paragraph HAD to fit in the confines of the provided box.  This may mean that some students need to write smaller and/or condense their ideas while still being sure to address all 11 aspects reviewed in class. 


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