Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tonight's "Homework"

Today I asked the students to note two things in their assignment books:

1. They need to be sure to have finished their books (non-fiction independent reading books) by the day we get back from break so that they have plenty of time to complete their projects. Projects are due in rough form or at least half way done by the 7th, and need to be completed and ready for presenting / grading by the 14th.

2. Mid-term exam schedule has been posted, and the Language Arts mid-term will be on January 13th, which is a Tuesday. I have told students that they need to be sure to have their binders in order, locate important notes, and begin doing a little studying every night so they aren't stressed and overwhelmed by the 13th. The exam will have all of the Word Whiz words, the grammar we have covered, questions about the stories we have read, the parts and structure of a response to text essay, and probably include writing a constructed response. I will be giving them a list of "fair game topics" in class in the new year. Until then, they would certainly benefit by studying Word Whiz (Fun and Useful Words, Word Parts, and Language Arts Words), and going over the basic grammar we have dealt with (parts of speech, types of sentences, fragments and run-ons).