Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poem to write, Poem to memorize, Poet to study!

Tonight’s homework is to write a NEAT second draft of your poem.  It needs to be about an ordinary event (like mowing the lawn) that becomes extraordinary (exaggerate it!!!).  It should have a simile, metaphor, personification, or onomatopoeia. It should rhyme OR have a regular rhythmic pattern.  It should be 8 lines minimum.  It should have strong verbs and colorful adjectives (“rubbery blubbery macaroni”)


A new set of poems were handed out today (on green paper), and each student needs to memorize ONE of them for a recitation next Monday (May 4).  They also still need to be able to recite last week’s poem as well.


A new PROJECT was handed out in class today.  We’ll be working on a research project / response to literature paper.  We’ll be researching ABOUT a poet and reading and analyzing some of his/her poetry, then writing a paper fusing the biographical information with the poetry analysis.  Most of the work will be done in class, and due to the size of the packet, I am requiring students to keep the packet in my classroom.  Parents are welcome to see the packets if they stop in at the end of the day, or at School Report Night.  The cover sheet for the packet is below:


Poet research project


  1. Choose a poet from the following:



  • Langston Hughes
  • Walt Whitman
  • Edward Lear
  • Carl Sandburg
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Robert Frost
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • ee cummings
  • Edwin Arlington Robinson



  • William Carlos Williams
  • Maya Angelou
  • Paul Janeczko
  • Anne Bradstreet
  • Phillis Wheatley
  • Sara Teasdale
  • William Wordsworth
  • William Blake
  • Ogden Nash
  • Jack Prelutsky



  1. Read 5 of his/her poems
  2. Complete an analysis sheet for each
  3. List 10 to 15 words that you think describe his/her poems
  4. Read about the poet and his / her poetry and take notes using the form I give you
    1. One to two online sources (websites like biography.com)
    2. One to two print sources (magazines, encyclopedias, books)
    3. One article from the GALE DATABASE
    4. *Optional* CD-ROM source, such as Grolier or Encarta
  5. Write a first draft of a report on your chosen poet, using your research notes and your analysis of the poems.
    1. 1st paragraph includes hook, brief biographical information on poet, thesis statement:  The three words that I think best describe blank’s poetry are: zing, zang, and zong
    2. 2nd paragraph all about why you think blank’s poetry is zing.
    3. 3rd paragraph all about why you think blank’s poetry is zang.
    4. 4th paragraph all about why you think blank’s poetry is zong.
    5. 5th paragraph wrapping your report up, summarizing your main points, and encouraging your reader to read this person’s poetry
  6. Turn first draft in
  7. While it is being checked over, create a Works Cited page.
  8. Type second draft, revising as necessary
  9. Turn it in
  10. Proofread, edit, revise as necessary
  11. Turn in final copy with Works Cited and analysis sheets attached