Monday, April 20, 2009


Homework for the next three nights is to MEMORIZE one of the eight poems I handed out today.  Students will be reciting their chosen poem in front of the class on Thursday.  Their grade will be based on four things:
1.  Stating the title and author
2.  Accurately reciting the poem word for word
3.  Fluency of the recitation (ie:  smoothly saying the poem in a way that shows that they know it well and understand it)
4.  Poise (ie: how the students carry themselves in front of the class -- body language, vocal tone, et cetera)
Students are working in class time to review vocabulary for a test on Friday.  Reviewing at home would be a GREAT idea, too!
Get those MYSTERY BOOKS read and get working on projects.  Projects are due on the 28th of April (next Tuesday).