Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final Exam Information


Before exam, but counting as part of the grade:

  • Persuasive essay (on demand with graphic organizer):  I will show it to students on Friday, June 5, and they will write it Monday, June 8.
  • Completed portfolio: All must be present in the folder!
    • Response to text – “Lather and Nothing Else”
    • Response to text – Historical Fiction
    • Persuasive – “Is Man Good?”
    • Narrative – Cinderella tale
    • Persuasive – 180 School Hours
    • Response to text – Asian novel
    • Report/Response to texts – Poet of choice
    • Poem – Fun, Season, or other of choice


On the exam:


1.  All Fun and Useful Words (Sets 1 – 7)


2.  All Language Arts Terms


3.  All Word Parts (prefixes, suffixes, roots)


4.  Analysis of a NEW poem (Multiple choice, fill in, or true/false)


5.  Reading Comprehension questions on a NEW text (non-fiction or fiction)


6.  Punctuation rules and application:

·         Apostrophes

·         Commas

·         Semi-colons

·         Colons

·         End Marks

·         Quotation Marks

·         Italics  (or underlining if not typed)


7.  Capitalization Rules


8.  Basic grammar

·         Subjects/Predicates

·         Types of sentences (complex, compound, simple)

·         Kinds of sentences (interrogative, imperative, declarative, exclamatory)

·         Types of verbs (action or state of being)

·         Pronouns (types as well as clear pronoun referent)

·         Run-ons and fragments

9.  Short Story Structure and definitions (ex:  exposition, climax)


10.  Poetic terms (ex:  structure terms, craft terms)