Friday, May 15, 2009

weekend work

An hour was given in class today to work on full first drafts of the poet report/response.  Sadly, many students have not used their time well and were unable to write during this time due to not having enough research completed from previous work sessions.  We are obviously at “crunch time” now, with the year ending and exams around the corner.  Many students have opted to (and will NEED to) do their first drafts over the weekend.  We’ll have class time for typing on Monday, but my observation has been that for most students it is inefficient to type and think at the same time.  Therefore, they will use their computer time better if they have their handwritten drafts completed.  I know families have a lot going on at this time of the year, too, and that is why I have given many hours of class time for this project in school.  Please ask your student if he or she finished the essay today, and if not, help him or her find time this weekend to get it done.  Thanks.


Green sheets are also due Monday, and second letters for projects are due Thursday the 21st.