Monday, September 28, 2009

Info for week of September 28


·         NECAP testing begins in October.

·         Leadership group with SAP counselor begins on Sept 30

·         Full school evacuation drill on October 1 at 10 AM… do not be alarmed.

·         Elks’ American Dream essay contest due on Nov 21.

·         Middle School marking period ends this Friday.  Report cards will go home next Thursday.



·         Letter #3 and green sheet were due today.

·         Informal book talks are going to be given on Wednesday (1 to 2 minutes long each)

·         Tonight’s homework (begun in class) is to write a constructed response of one solid, detailed paragraph, explaining how Hernando Tellez uses various characterization methods to help the reader understand the characters in “Lather and Nothing Else”

·         Next marking period’s genre for outside reading is historical fiction.  Kids should start trying to select one.  We’ll go to the library on Friday, but having one before then, if possible, would give kids a jump start on the marking period.