Wednesday, December 30, 2009

THE PEARL and general announcements

Most unfortunately, my copy of the movie version of The Pearl was misplaced.  I ordered a new copy, but it did not arrive in time to watch it with the students before the break.  I do have a copy now, and we will watch it in January, beginning with the half of the movie that matches what we have already read; after finishing our reading, we will watch the end of the movie.  The permission slips signed before break will cover the students after break as well.  However, some students have not turned in permission slips yet, so they will still need to do that before being allowed to view the movie. 


Students should be working on their independent reading projects, and I will be expecting them to be approximately half done by January 8th, and ready to be presented by January 13th.


My student teacher, Hunter Berryhill, will be joining us beginning on January 11th, and continuing into March.  He has been in my classes several days already, getting a feel for the students and our routines.  I’m already impressed with him --- especially his uncanny ability to learn the students’ names so quickly!  I am sure he’ll do well with our students. He’ll be focusing his unit on folktales.


I’m looking forward to 2010!  It will be a great winter and spring at FHGS, I am sure!