Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Tonight's homework is to write a quiz that covers the last set of Word Whiz words -- "fun and useful words," "word parts," and "language arts terms."
Each class has slightly different requirements, but all are asked to be sure their quiz is legible, clearly explains directions, and includes a variety of types of questions on all three types of vocabulary words.  Someone will actually TAKE this quiz on Thursday.
As we have reached the end of a set of words, a TEST will be coming up on Monday.  Students should study notes, old quizzes, old worksheets, et cetera.
Also, please remember that a check of notes and glossary will be happening on FRIDAY, so students should be able to show that they have made some progress in their books and note-taking.
REMINDER to all that permission slips are due on Friday for the mid-year incentive trip, though the money is not due until January.  We need to book our locations, so correct numbers are necessary.