Monday, October 18, 2010

Homework 10/18

Tomorrow I will be checking students’ progress on their NOTES and GLOSSARY for the nonfiction project.  See earlier posting for details.  By “progress”, I mean that I should see that students have identified at least 5 words they did not know for their glossary, identified the page number, copied the relevant sentence, and defined the word as it was used in their book. I should also see that at least one “main idea” has been identified so far, with accompanying supporting details from the reading.


Also, students have now taken the exact same “No Excuses” assessment twice, with intervening interventions, and only a few have achieved the required 100%.  Those who earned less than 100% have an additional homework assignment:  copy the lines from the assessment ten times each (correctly), to be ready for the third time around.  Remember that these are “No Excuses” words…  ie: they are words that no seventh grader should EVER use incorrectly.  There is no excuse!