Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week's homework

Sorry, folks!  I dropped the ball on posting homework the past few days.  If you checked and saw nothing, and assumed that meant no homework, I apologize and will extend assignment due dates for individual children if I get a phone call or email when you check tonight.  I will try to keep that from happening again.


Monday’s homework was for SOME students to do their missed sentences 5 x each.  They only needed to do this if they did not get a 100% on the second set of No Excuses words.  ALL students should be continuing to work on their Nonfiction project.


Tuesday’s homework was for ALL students to continue working on their Nonfiction project and to begin studying for their Word Whiz Vocabulary Test on Friday. 


Wednesday’s homework was to create 10 flashcards for language arts terms and 10 flashcards for word parts to facilitate studying.  There was also an extra credit option offered, that is due on Friday.


Thursday’s homework will be the extra credit and studying for the test on Friday.