Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Draft Personal Essay Due Friday 8:15 AM

Students should turn their first drafts of their personal essays in during TA on Friday.


The first draft should be a reflection on the interdisciplinary unit on the Civil Rights Movement from exam week.


Paragraph one:  Describes the experience of the interdisciplinary unit – what students did, who they were with, what topics they covered, et cetera, and END WITH a thesis statement such as…. I took three big ideas away from this unit.


Paragraphs two, three, four:  Explain one big idea in each paragraph – what topic and teacher led you to this big idea, what facts were presented, what you thought about them, how you came to that conclusion.


Paragraph five:  Conclude with what the experience overall meant to you.  Consider some of these questions:  Have you had previous ideas challenged?  Have you thought about things you had never thought of before?  What was good and bad about the interdisciplinary experience?  Would you like to do it again?  What topics might be good to study in this way?  What does the Civil Rights Movement have to do with your life today?