Monday, January 10, 2011

Homework and preview of the week

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, students should work on the following:

1.  Completing final draft of Response to Text #2 (I took home Monday and will return Tuesday)

2.  Preparing Book Talk (1 – 2 minutes with visual component)

3.  Studying parts of speech


Classwork on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will focus on preparing for parts of speech test, reviewing vocabulary for midterm exam, proofreading 2nd drafts, an “item bank assessment,” and more.


Class on Thursday will include a parts of speech test and book talks.  I’ll also be sending home a list of topics that will be covered on the midterm and Thursday’s homework will be to begin to create a “help card” that will be used during the exam, but is due to be checked before the exam. 


On Friday we’ll continue with book talks and exam prep.  We’ll also be going to the library for an introduction to fantasy and science fiction, which are the genres for the next marking period’s independent reading project. 


We have off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day.


Tuesday’s class will continue with review.  The “help cards” will be due on that day.  If I get it completed and photocopied in time, students will be given a chance to preview the midterm on Tuesday. I’ll also take a Q and A time to go over topics the students identify they need help on.