Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7th and 8th: homework, tests, projects, memorizations, oh my!

7th graders have their independent reading project letters due on May 15 and 30, as detailed in yesterday’s email and blog posting.  They will also be having a TEST on May 7 that covers the VOCABULARY we’ve been learning from chapters 1 – 4 of Ten Little Indians.  There will be some time dedicated in class to reviewing this vocabulary, but students will also need to study at home.  They may print their vocabulary lists off of their iPads to bring home.


8th graders have a “layered curriculum” project that they will begin in class today.  In this project, they have a menu of options to choose from to earn a particular grade.  They will have 2 ½ blocks to work on this project, which may be sufficient for some students.  Time may need to be spent on the project over the weekend or during nights this week. The entire project is due at the start of class on Monday, May 7.  Additionally, students are being asked to memorize and recite the beginning of The Declaration of Independence as part of our ongoing commitment to grappling with rigorous text and our current study of our rights as Americans (related to the class novel).  The first sentence is the basic requirement, and memorizing it will earn students a 75%.  They may choose to memorize more of the text, and may earn up to a 105%. Recitations will be held on Tuesday, May 8. 


All students will be having end of the year exams.  It is never too early to start reviewing for these by organizing binders, reading through notes, making flash cards for vocabulary, correcting old worksheets, et cetera.  June will be upon us all before we know it!





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