Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review Project Grade 7

Parents and 7th grade advisors,


The following information was given in class today for the culminating 7th grade project:

Create either an interactive activity or a presentation (both of 5 minutes duration) to help your class review a topic that will be on the exam.

write and recite a poem

create a video

use voice thread and pictures to explain a concept

make a review game

design an interactive poster

write and act out a skit (live)

write a new version of an old song (same tune, new words)

create a children’s book (ABC or other style)


Possible review topics (all “fair game” for exam):

Capitalization rules

Comma rules

Semicolon, colon, and hyphen rules

Apostrophe rules

Irregular verbs (sink, sank, sunk)

Kinds of sentences and end punctuation

Quotation marks and dialogue

Fun and Useful words (60)

Word Parts

Language Arts words

Ten Little Indians vocabulary

Plot reviews of all stories and books this year

Essays -- genres, structure, expectations


Important Information:

DUE:  June 4

TIME AVAILABLE (in class):  20 - 30 minutes at least 3 times (one hour to count on)

WHO: May have ONE partner, or may work alone

GRADING: 200 points!!!  Judged on: Quality, On time, Depth of information/helpfulness, Use of class work time, Sharing of load, Presentation (if applicable), Engagement


Students will select partners and topics tomorrow (Friday).  In order to ensure that many review topics are covered, only one person or partner will be allowed to do their project on each topic.  Therefore, it is possible that a student may not get his or her top choice for topic.  Students who choose to work alone will have first pick of topics. 




Abby Wald


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