Monday, October 22, 2012




6th and 7th graders have a homework assignment tonight to write a SUMMARY of their out-of-class reading book (realistic fiction) using ten of their “Fun and Useful” words.  The words are:

Commence, treasury, vague, simian, notorious, tyro, significant, toil, lionize, jostle, heed, balk, juvenile, reap, culinary, delectable, judicious, combustible


7th graders also have homework this whole week:  to read the chapters in their in-class reading book that their group assigned, AND to do the work required of the role they selected. 


REMINDERS to all: 

Awards assembly tomorrow morning, in the gym, at 8:30. 

Supermarket BINGO items needed.

Fair Haven Charter Day assembly Friday morning, in the gym, at 8:30.



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