Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Upcoming test AND progress reports

Dear parents,


Students should be studying for their next Word Whiz Test on Friday.


Additionally, students were given a half sheet of paper with their average and missing work listed.  Please ask to see this paper.  The missing work on the list will drop the listed average if the assignments are not completed.  I offered lunch time and after school today, plus tomorrow morning, lunch, and after school for makeup work time.  Grades must be submitted to Edline tomorrow afternoon, so the missing work will need to be completed by then, or will have to be recorded as a zero.  


Even once missing work is put in as a zero, it can STILL be made up until the end of the marking period, though the progress report grade will stay the same and still impact eligibility.  I encourage students to do the work, even for late credit, or they miss out on the learning.  As I told the students today, I hate entering zeroes in my gradebook.


Have a nice night. 


Abby Wald




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