Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to work!

With NECAP testing nearly over (one more test tomorrow), it is time to get back to doing English class homework. Yay!!!!

Half an hour of writing time was given in class on Friday, and another half hour was given today to work on the first draft of a Response to Text on "Lather and Nothing Else." Several very focussed students were able to finish in this time, but the rest need to complete the full first draft by Wednesday. No more class time will be given for writing the first draft. Students will need to complete it for homework, and should follow the directions in the handout of the slideshow on Responses to Text. (I still have not been able to upload the slideshow to my blog, but my computer geek husband says he thinks he can help me do it soon. :) Regardless, students DO have a copy of the slideshow in their binders, and they are able to take the copy out to bring home.)