Friday, October 3, 2008

Independent Reading Project Marking Period 2

Students were given the following handout in class today:

Independent Reading Project for Marking Period Two -- Details and Due Dates

Overview: Students are to read a historical fiction novel on their own and complete a Response to Literary Text following the 5 paragraph structure and expectations given in class. Each student has a copy of this information in his or her binder. I will also attempt to upload the Response to Text slide show to my blog ( Students will have one hour of class time per week for reading and/or writing workshop on their books. Students will be expected to spend an hour of their own time at home every week on the same. Students will be held accountable through “Green Sheet” checks and informal one-minute book shares.

October 6, 2008: Green sheet due
October 13, 2008: Green sheet and one-minute book talk due
October 20, 2008: Green sheet and one-minute book talk due
October 27, 2008: Green sheet and one-minute book talk due
**** Try to have book finished by now, and start a new book to read until marking period 3****
October 30, 2008: Writing Workshop in class -- first draft Response to Text
November 3, 2008: Green sheet and first full draft Response to Text due (double spaced). Peer conferences in class
November 5, 2008: Second draft Response to Text due for teacher feedback and peer editing. Second draft must be typed or in cursive and double spaced.
November 10, 2008: Green sheet and final draft of Response to Text due. Response to Text must be typed or in cursive and single spaced. All drafts and feedback need to be attached behind final.
November 12 2008: Formal Book Talks in class. Book Talk should be one to two minutes long, include a visual component, and address: title, author, main characters and description, historical aspects, basic plot, setting, theme, conflict and resolution.