Thursday, October 2, 2008

Book Talks Thursday / Homework Thursday + Friday


Today nearly every student gave a Book Talk in class, sharing the book he or she read over the past month. Quite a variety of books were read, and the students sounded pretty enthusiastic about them. The audience members were not only cooperative, but also incredibly engaged during the talks. I heard several comments such as, "I think I'd like to read that book!"

I think the activity was valuable for everyone -- presenters and audience alike.

Kudos especially go to all the students (and their parents who helped and encouraged!) who came VERY prepared -- having note cards and obviously having practiced beforehand, as well.

No homework tonight.

Students should get historical fiction books to get a head start this weekend on the 2nd marking period project. Also, "green sheets" will need to be completed for Monday, as usual.

Have a great weekend!