Friday, September 5, 2008

"Lather and Nothing Else" / Homework for Weekend

What a great story we started today! "Lather and Nothing Else" had you students really interested. When class was over and it was time to go, I heard several groans about not being able to finish the story -- music to an English teachers ears! Now you have to wait a whole weekend to find out what the barber will do to the man, and who that man really is after all. I can hardly wait!

Homework for this weekend is to spend about an hour on reading your book for the Independent Reading Project (see blog entry from September 3) and filling out the top of the green "accountability sheet." Remember that the green sheet should last for four weeks, so just do the first section. The green sheet is worth 10 points and is due Monday.

Weekend homework????? Yes, but: As I explained in class, the weekend homework is always going to be to read your independent reading book for one hour and log your progress on the green sheet. If you prefer to not have to read on the weekend, starting next week you could choose to read your hour during the week instead. You could even break the hour into a few shorter chunks if you'd like. Many of you may have already read an hour during this past week, so you can just fill in the green sheet. If you are one of the ones who waited until the last minute to get your book, I'm afraid you'll have to read an hour this weekend. From now on, however, you could choose to get your hour in during the week instead, and still turn the green sheet in on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!