Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Update

Today we had our first substitute in English class, and most students acted appropriately and respectfully for her. There will be a handful of detentions passed out in class tomorrow, however. :(

Due to the fact that there was a substitute, I did not assess the weekly "green sheets" that are always graded on Mondays. Students should be prepared to present them on Tuesday at the start of class.

Also, any old/late/longterm work was not collected, either, but can be handed in tomorrow.

No one should have any new homework for tonight unless they did not complete the activities (writing a constructed response for two classes and doing a grammar sheet for the third class) during the time allowed in class.

As a reminder, the Independent Reading Projects need to be completed and turned in by this Thursday. Other English homework will be extremely limited this week to give students more time to focus on the project. As of today, two students have completed their projects.