Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our first test

Well, Families, the students made it through their first Language Arts Word Whiz test. It took over half an hour for each class, and it will take me at least that long to grade! At first glance, however, most students appeared to be successful! Bravo!

There is no new homework tonight, however the last two letters for the Independent Reading project are due on Oct 2 at the latest. I suggested to students that it would be less stressful for them to turn one in this week and the last next week. I am hoping most of them will take me up on this strong suggestion. Students should also be prepared to present their Booktalk on the 2nd as well. Directions for the booktalk can be found on the rubric the students recieved with their first letters. Directions for the Independent Reading Project can be found on this blog under September 3.