Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reading Purposes and Strategies / Independent Reading Project

Today in class we discussed some of the purposes of reading: pleasure, information, clarification, escape, education, and more. We also talked about different strategies that good readers use to help them understand their reading: questioning, clarifying, predicting, visualizing, consulting outside sources, connecting, and more. Keep these strategies (also called skills) and purposes in mind as we read this year.
Reminder to all students: You need to find an ADVENTURE FICTION book to read independently ASAP. You will have ten minutes a day in class to read and are expected to read for a total of one hour outside of class each week. You can choose to read your hour's worth in one or more sessions, over the weekend or on weeknights, or whatever fits your lifestyle. Once you have read one third of your book, send me a 250 word email or write me a 250 word letter (typed or handwritten). Your letter should include a brief summary of what has happened in the pages you have read, who the main characters are and what they are like, some of the strategies you have had to use while reading, what you expect will happen next and why, any connections you have made, and whether or not you are enjoying the book and why. This will be followed by an email/letter after another third of the book, and another email/letter when you finish the book. You'll also need to give a brief booktalk on your independent reading. This all needs to be completed before the end of this marking period.